Tuesday, April 19, 2011

27.365 Kitchen

27.365 Kitchen by disbemj
27.365 Kitchen, a photo by disbemj on Flickr.

Authentic Jerk Chicken Recipe

½ a cup of Jamaican pimento crushed or ground in a mortar
½ a cup of sugar – preferably brown, this adds color and flavor
6 cloves of garlic diced and crushed
4 Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers chopped and diced
½ a tablespoon of thyme leaves
6 stalks of finely diced scallions more popularly known as green onions
½ a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon
½ a teaspoon of nutmeg crushed
¼ a teaspoon of cooking salt
3 tablespoons of a Chinese soy sauce

Place crushed Jamaican pimento, sugar, diced Jamaican garlic, diced Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, crushed thyme leaves, diced Jamaican scallions, Jamaican cinnamon powder, crushed nutmeg, salt, and Chinese soy sauce in a blender or a food processor and blend until the batter is smooth.

Sear the meat then rub the poultry, pork, fish, seafood or beef with the batter Jerk seasoning. If using a pork shoulder, score the fat and rub in. Allow the meat to marinate in the Jerk seasoning overnight.

Grill the meat over a low fire using Red Stripe Beer instead of water to prevent burning. The use of Jamaican Red Stripe Beer is optional. Do this until the meat is done. The Jerk recipe meat should be smoked and have a pink color when done and the skin if any should have a dark color caused by the brown sugar in the Jerk seasoning recipe.

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